Feeling Low? Do Something Creative

13 August 2017 | beando_admin

That’s all well and good, I hear you say but I’m not creative. I’m hopeless at drawing… we hear that a lot. But I can safely tell you from experience that being creative is not a gift.  You can’t become creative; it’s something you already are and it’s linked deeply to your wellbeing. Feeling creative is good for you! 

We all have the ability to be creative and think creatively. Your mind/body knows how to be creative so just let it happen. It’s thought that small, frequent acts of creativity, no matter what, are good for you. We’re not saying that you should immediately drop everything and sign-up to that creative writing course or drag your easel along to the local life drawing class – although that would be great. In a sense it doesn’t matter what you do, just start by doing something that you really enjoy and do it for its own sake – that’s the important thing!

Being fully connected

There is a school of thought that assumes that creative action, painting, drawing, writing, music etc., are all about outwardly expressing inner emotions and turmoil which help lift negative moods. Yes, that is partly true, but how many times have you found yourself so deeply engrossed in what you’re doing (and it can be anything from walking the dog to designing a cathedral), and felt absorbed and fully connected to what was happening? Did you notice that time stood still, your surroundings fell into the background and as you worked, every action seemed to flow and support every other action? And there seemed nothing hard or difficult about what you were doing. It all just seemed to flow. And consciously or not, it felt like a whole body/mind experience tinged with a feeling of joy and peace that emerged from the inside out.   

This is where feeling low is replaced with joy because we let go and open ourselves up to a deeper experience. Imagine if you could switch on that feeling of effortless, creative joy any time, no matter what you were doing. Well you can and it’s called modern meditation and it’s at the heart of what we do here at beanddo. 

“being and doing. A purposeful merging of the science of effortless being with the art of spontaneous doing as a way to promote deeper awareness, wellbeing intuition and creativity.”

Finding your flow

When we are acting creatively we are getting out of our head and into the world through the body. In other words into the moment, the ‘here and now’. And that’s the key. When you are fully creative, absorbed in what you are doing, you are fully present. There is a sustained present moment awareness – it’s when your being and what you are doing come together and any sense of yourself as a separate ‘Me or I’ temporarily falls into the background. This experience of creative work is very similar to the experience of deep meditation.

The link between feeling good about ourselves and creative action is well-known. In popular psychology it’s known as ‘optimum experience’ or flow. 

Flow is the difference between making yourself do something and letting it happen.

There are key characteristics that are experienced in the flow state which are all equally nurtured through modern meditation practice.

  1. Intense and focused concentration on the present moment
  2. Merging of awareness (being) and action (doing)
  3. A loss of reflective self-consciousness – getting out of the comfort zone
  4. A sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity
  5. A temporal distortion as one’s experience of time is altered
  6. Experience of the activity as intrinsically rewarding and joyful

Creativity, doing something creatively, is access to your wellbeing. But you have to keep at it because as Picasso told us:

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

Want to know the secrets of making creative inspired action? Or how to lift negative thinking and make happy work? Simply sign-up to our modern meditation courses now. 

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