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11 July 2017 | beando_admin


Like everyone here in the UK we are really excited by Johanna Konta’s progress in Wimbledon this year; she’s the first woman singles tennis player to reach the semi-finals since 1978. The media  have been struck by Johanna’s use of the word process in her game. Last year in a Guardian article, Johanna said;

“I look to constantly be a better version of myself every time I step out on court. That has come out with some good wins and good things on paper but if my ranking were to drop or to rise, it wouldn’t affect my goals or how I want to keep improving. That’s why I employ the people I employ, for me it’s about working on the here and now, working on the process that matters to me but in terms of what my forehand looks like or how much or how many points I need to defend here or there, that’s not my job.”

Working to stay present in the here and now, linked to one’s action moment-to-moment, is proving a successful mental and physical mindset for Johanna. For us at beanddo this is the art, science and craft of making happy work. Success can only be hammered out in the present tense and not in some imagined future. Only in the now is life real. So, in other words, when working, doing what you do, don’t worry about the result. Let the outcome take care of itself. It will happen as you need it to happen.

The algorithm we use at beanddo to make this happen is:

Performance = Process + Potential – Interference. 

Process: When you simply concentrate on the act of doing something rather than on one’s relationship to what has been done. In other words, one’s whole attention is absorbed in the flowing moment to moment process of the action: it’s a whole body/mind/event/action connection. 
Interference: When a person mentally moves themselves to get out of the way. Minimising interference is linked to results. Letting the outcome take care of itself by minimising interference from worrying about what has happened or what might happen. Minimised interference allows one to stay in the moment and be present to one’s full creative potential. 
Potential: One’s innate ability to thrive. Where creativity, spontaneity and innate wisdom come together right in the heart of the moment. When in play, full potential is released leading one to  know exactly what to do at every given moment to meet the needs of any situation successfully. It’s ‘being in the flow’.

And it’s a natural process, which can be used by anyone, for anything.

All we need to do to implement this algorithm is to notice, step back, shift your perspective and observe. 
The technique is modern meditation and it’s easy to learn. You may not make it to the semi-finals of Wimbledon, but as the algorithm suggests, that’s not the point. What will happen though is that you will thrive and achieve success in whatever it is you choose to do. Imagine that. To know the joy of doing, wrapped in the heart of your being.

It’s a straight-sets win!

If you’d like to learn more about making happy work, take a look at our modern meditation programmes and get in touch to book a taster session. 
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