5 things that make you a fearsome freelancer

6 June 2017 | beando_admin

According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) there are almost five million freelance workers in the UK right now. These are the people who choose not to work the typical nine to five. Instead they work anytime, anywhere to meet the needs of their clients. In many businesses these people are vital; I know. During my architectural career, I employed and relied on many highly skilled, creative and passionate freelancers. 

The freedom of being freelance comes with costs though. Imagine having to make sure that every part of your day is productive… and then worry, as more often than not it isn’t. There is no sick leave, no paid holiday, sometimes no one to chat to over the coffee machine. And you can spend an awfully long time chasing invoices. Sometimes being freelance can just be a invitation to a different sort of stress anxiety than the nine to five job. 

How to be a fearsome freelancer 

When you go freelance, YOU are the core business. You are the prime asset, the main enriching principle. You are what counts. You need to awaken confidence, resilience and creativity. But the busy, sometimes overwhelmed, mind of the freelancer struggles to find them.

Anxiety, stress and burnout are all obstacles to being confident, resilient and creative. 

So from the outset it’s vital that you establish yourself in a world of self care and wellbeing and make your approach to work an expression of who you are and what you can do; to be fearsome.

Our Advice?

Meditation. Sign up to our Make Happy Work modern meditation programme and we will train you how to cultivate this natural capacity in you. Meditation science has one important thing to teach freelancers:

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!

In other words learning how to be over learning what to do. When we learn to direct our attention in this way we notice an internal shift occurs. We notice that the mind already has a built-in calm and we can switch it on at will. We realise that instead of struggling to calm the mind it will happen just by the way we train our attention.

With practice you will discover stress and anxiety being replaced by:

  1. Confidence. Where you realise that you can do it. You have the skill and energy to acknowledge and dispel fear and then thrive no matter what.
  2. Resilience. Where you stay in control, bounce back quickly and know that criticism and resistance will not dampen your aspiration or purpose.
  3. Creativity. Where intuition flows, the body and mind move effortlessly, solutions come easily and happiness grow. 
  4. Balanced. Where through practice you know how to balance opposing demands on your time, attention and energy and know the real value of stopping every now and then and just ‘being’.
  5. Say No (sometimes). Where perspective and insight grow, allied with your innate courage to know what is right for you, moment to moment.

You will find that being fearsome is not something you have to pretend, it will spontaneously flow up inside you. With practice you can learn to get closer to that natural flowing spontaneity, synchronise with it and then direct with purpose, for happiness and profit.

We really do see transformation happen. The people we train, who get it, incorporate this ancient science of living and working into their busy day really thrive.

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