Our reflections on May 2017

31 May 2017 | beando_admin

First, a note about Manchester

I have always been inspired by this place. My first real experience of Manchester came when, as a young architect, I was working on the masterplan to rebuild the city after the other bomb in 1996. Nobody was killed, lots were injured. But I remember stepping off the London train (at least once a month for years) feeling that sense of energy and and can-do attitude this city has. It was exciting. In the late ‘90s, early one morning, I remember getting off the bus on Oxford Road with my brother-in-law. We stood outside what was then the brand new Caffè Nero. He said, ‘Can you feel it?’ “What?” I said. “The energy in this city”, he replied. 

He was right. You could feel it. And you can feel it now. It might be different, but it’s there. The energy that says, we are Manchester. We are special. We care. We make things happens, we make things right.

Manchester has been our adopted city since 2005. My children, born in London, would not want to be anywhere else. This city has loved them, educated them, supported them, inspired them. I have made the best friends ever since coming to this city.

I wasn’t born here either. But since Monday 22nd May, we are all Mancunians now. 

I Love MCR

We started the month with an interview for I Love Manchester, the city’s online platform for everything brilliant about life in Manchester. Our founder, Mick Timpson, talked about how meditation works, where it come from and how to do it. Incorporating meditation in business is a game changer:

“If we can get, say, 30 people meditating together just for an hour a week, that business is reaping the benefits of 30 hours of meditation every week. The impact on workplace stress and sickness can be significant. Plus, meditation brings added bonuses to the workplace, such as improved energy, creativity and collaboration which is a welcome side effect of workplace meditation”. 

We attended the The OM Yoga Show

Another show, another year. This year beanddo shared a stand with our sister wellbeing initiative the The YogaLife Project. Mick led a 50-strong meditation class on Friday and an Open Yoga Class on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and we hope attendees enjoyed it too. We were also pleased that our new meditation teacher training programme prompted lots of interest. It starts next month and there are only a few spaces left, so don’t miss out on your chance to change the world! 

Coming up… 

It looks like June is set to be another busy month, with more corporate workplace meditation programmes to run. Anna, one of our trainee teachers, is taking beanddo meditation programme on the road (only as far as Ashton!) to teach her first meditation course.

Mick is leading another ‘Be Here Now’, 4-week meditation course in Manchester and has been invited to lead a meditation class at the International Festival of Yoga at MediaCityUK.