What we got up to in March 2017

31 March 2017 | beando_admin

It was another busy month at beanddo as we continue our mission to help #MakeHappyWork.

Can you kick it? Yes we can…

This month we returned to work with the team at Byrom, delivering our full six-week programme of modern mindfulness meditation for the workplace. Byrom is an exciting global sports event management and consultancy based in the heart of the North West. Byrom’s projects are huge.

They are currently working on the upcoming Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup. They have deadlines they can’t miss and pressure they have to manage. We are really pleased to help Byrom achieve their business goals with their fantastic people. This is our third course with Byrom and they are planning to do more with beanndo in the future. 


The Learning Circle starts

We have to thank Anna Kravec, one of our trainee beanddo teachers, for her idea to set up our first beanddo learning circle. It’s live now and is an invite-only social media forum designed for everyone who has taken part in a beanddo modern meditation programme, class, workshop or group.

To start with the circle will get together twice a month. It’s a place where we can explore together how meditation shapes, empowers and guides the what and the how of everyday life. A place to share what is happening in your daily being and doing; the chances are that others are exploring and experiencing the same. 


Following your bliss

This month our founder, Mick, was invited to talk at the amazing Sunday Assembly Manchester. The theme was on luck and what the art and science of yoga has to say about how we might be lucky in life. Mick channeled his inner rock star, joined the band on stage and led a light-hearted (but with a serious intent) talk, which swung from Star Wars and the perils of Luke Skywalker to David Lynch, Joseph Campbell and ancient yoga texts.

So how do you get luck? Easy. Focus on the natural cognitive shift that meditation practice reveals and learn to merge ‘being’ and ‘doing’ together in the moment. This experience of ‘optimal presence’ in action results in more accurate perception of one’s self and one’s relationship to the world. The result is a deeper awareness of being fully alive in the here and now, leading to a profound and persistent increase in well being, insight, creativity and health…then things really change.

May the Force be with you. 


The Science & Industry of Meditation

We completed our extensive 12-part ‘Make Happy Work’ meditation training session with the Museum of Science & Industry. Working with different teams in the museum including curators, managers and front of house, the course looked at the art and science of meditation practice and how to incorporate a different way of being and doing into day-to-day work.

If you have been to this amazing and popular museum, particularly during holidays, you will see how hard the different teams work together to make the MSI one of the best and most innovative in the UK. We were really happy to help them continue to do do that.

You can listen to a live recording of Mick as he leads one of the training sessions of the course. 


Finding Balance

Mick got back on the mat this month to lead another, popular yoga for anxiety course at the Life Centre North. Anxiety, fear and panic are on the rise. It can be experienced everywhere – at school, university, in the workplace, at home, in cyberspace. There is no doubt we are living in challenging times. Developing new ways of tackling this threat to our well-being is now an urgent project.

The course looks at how the different aspects of yoga practice from breathing, physical posture, relaxation and meditation can really help uncover one’s innate sense of balance, harmony and calm, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. The special six-week course is designed for everyone. No previous yoga experience is required. Just bring along body and mind.

Learn to make happy work

Do you fancy becoming a meditation teacher and taking your practice further? This month we also launched our bespoke seven-day, 100-hour accredited teacher training programme. You can read about it here. The beanddo modern mindfulness meditation teacher training programme is aimed at inspired people who would like to incorporate meditation practice and its benefits into their profession and place of work, as well as their wider community. Joining the teacher training programme will also help deepen and expand your self practice too. You can read the prospectus here.

Sign up today.