What we got up to in February 2017

28 February 2017 | beando_admin

It was another busy month at beanddo as we continue our mission to help #MakeHappyWork… everywhere.

Teaching the teachers 

At the start of the month we ventured over to Blackpool to continue our work with the NorthWest Action Network and Teach First at their Spring Conference. We led a mindfulness meditation-based workshop on how to help graduate teachers build inner resilience and calm while undertaking the challenging and vital work they are doing in UK schools.

beanddo founder, Mick Timpson, led Teach First delegates through how we can use Modern Meditation techniques to fine-tune expectation, manage stressful thinking and emotions and stay connected to our inner calmness and resilience, helping them be the best that can be. 

Mick with Teach First teachers.

Mick with Teach First teachers.

As usual, working with the Teach First graduates was fun, engaging and inspiring. The future of education is certainly in safe hands. With their help we really can #MakeHappyWork.

Building happy places!

We completed our four-week course with the brilliant people of BDP. Mick was on familiar territory here working with designers, architects, engineers and others who commit themselves to building and shaping our world for the better.

As always, the emphasis was on how to embody what we can learn from the art and science meditation practice into what we do and how we do it. The training stressed building and nurturing of resilience, focus, awareness and intention in a fast-paced, technically-complex demanding business. Running through the programme was also an emphasis on how to discover, unlock, utilise and nourish creative flow. A vital ingredient for the people at BDP and their clients too…

BDP pride themselves on creating ‘outstanding places for people’ we are proud to have helped them empower their ‘outstanding people’. Keep up the good work! 


Mick with the happy and creative BDP in Mancheter

The Science & Industry of Meditation

This month, we also started our extensive Modern Meditation training programme with The Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester. Working together with more than 30 members of staff at all levels over 12 separate sessions we are building a modern meditation practice that links directly into the day-to-day life of what is a very busy, ever-changing world-class facility.

Every exhibit in this brilliant museum is the result of new and pioneering creative being and doing. So it’s only right that the MSI is breaking new ground and spearheading the science of Modern Meditation in the workplace.

You can listen to a live recording of Mick as he leads session two of the course. We are also thrilled to be sharing our work with our one of our beanddo trainee meditation teachers – Anna Kravec. 


Anna and Mick prepare to make happy work at the MSI

Be Here Now 

Meanwhile, our unique and engaging introduction to meditation practice ‘Be Here Now’ is proving to be very popular at the Life Centre North. If you are new to meditation practice and curious to experience how this ancient science can help you navigate through the demands of the modern world, sign up here.

There is a lot of information out there on meditation practice and it can be overwhelming. Be Here Now, over four weeks, provides a simple, clear and introductory map into meditation practice and how to embody the benefits of the practice into your everyday, no matter what you do or who you are.

There is a new course starting 6th March; book now. It’s limited to just 15 people, so that we can keep the course relaxed and engaging, so don’t miss out! You can listen here to Mick leading Session Two- ‘Looking’. 

And that was our February! 

Thank you to everybody who participated in one of our sessions, or has contacted us to request a free meditation taster session for their workplace, we’re looking forward to working together in March.

The beanddo Team