Inspired by timeless wisdom designed for the modern world

Professional Modern Meditation based training to help you consciously change your world from the inside out

What we do

beanddo™ provides Modern Meditation training for both individuals and organisations. We provide bespoke programmes to help empower people towards resilience, creativity self – optimisation and better wellbeing. Our mission and goal is to help others Make Happy Work™ no matter where they or are what they do. 

How we can help

beanddo works with managers, business leaders, artists, lawyers, scientists, health workers, leaders, coaches, parents, carers, civil servants, teachers, accountants, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs. In fact anyone who has decided to take control to Do more, Be more and worry less.  

In the UK beanddo is at the forefront of Personal and Organisational Change and Optimisation using programmes based on Modern Meditation mind set techniques- a unique and highly accessible form of meditation. It differs from more traditional forms in three ways:

  1. Incorporation of contemporary science of wellbeing used to underpin meditation practice
  2. An effective combination of techniques that combine to form a single unified and effective practice
  3. Separation of techniques from non-secular practices normally associated to more traditional meditation

In short, modern science is now confirming what yogis have known for 1000’s of years that a regular simple meditation practice, from a psychological and physiological perspective brings huge beneficial changes to how we see, respond and operate in the world. These changes are not the goal of meditation they are simply a wonderful by-product and with regular practice will:

  • • Help to reduce, stress and anxiety

  • • Help nurture natural positivity and happiness

  • • Strengthen purpose and resilience

  • • Increase insight and clarity 

  • • Improve focus and concentration

  • • Improve overall energy levels and health

beanddo works across the UK and Internationally. As well talking at conferences and leading specialist programmes and workshop events, beanddo focuses on supporting six different sectors.  Each sector is designed to meet the needs of different people wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

Which one is for you?

Who we work with