Inspired by timeless wisdom designed for the modern world

Coaching for a more conscious world. Discover how you can elevate the way you think, feel, see, act, live, work and create.

Welcome to beanddo

beanddo™ provides training for both individuals and organisations. Our core objective is to help empower others in taking ownership for change with purpose. We provide bespoke Modern Meditation based (MMb) programmes to help self-direct people towards utilising their innate universal human skills of resilience, creativity, self –optimisation and better wellbeing.

Our mission and goal is to help others Make Happy Work™ no matter where they or are what they do.

How we can help

How we perceive and process the experience that shapes our everyday lives creates the world we individually inhabit. The beanddo MMb training is designed to help people shift and unlock new and more authentic cognition which will empower and activate personal agency. With practice its possible to help re-orientate and develop ways of being and doing in the world which supports our individual and collective capacity for wellbeing, joy, creativity with conscious action.  

Our beanddo MMb training help participants, trainees and clients build what we call 21st. century conscious skills, mindsets and outlooks. These are:

Enhanced ability to ‘switch – on and reclaim directed attention and focus as a skill.  To manage distractions and be fully present to what is.

Enhanced ability to open up to a deeper level of awareness that will transform, reconnect and upgrade emotional and creative intelligence.

Enhanced ability to shape attitude and expectation, build resilience and manage mental structures and obstacles that would otherwise constrain and condition.

Enhanced ability for insight, flow, creativity, meaning and purpose. Being fully present, inspired and engaged fully in inspired action. 

All of the above are designed  to address the growing epidemic of stress, anxiety,  depression, burnout and fear. But also empower flow, insight, focus, creativity and joy. Considered vital 21st. century skills to nurture and central to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

beanddo works with managers, business leaders, artists, lawyers, scientists, health workers, leaders, coaches, parents, carers, civil servants, teachers, accountants, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs. In fact anyone who has decided to take control to Do more, Be more and worry less.